I love to work with people and startups who are building something bigger than themselves -- those who, rather than simply dreaming of making an impact, move to strategise for it. And it’s to this end that I create bespoke visual branding for thoughtful small to medium businesses, specialising in unique, hand crafted logo design, custom lettering and illustration that captures the essence of that brand story.

That’s a big part of my desire to help cultivate a world where people understand and live out of their unique capacity for creativity.

We all have an extraordinary capacity to create - you don’t have to look far to see this at work in your everyday.

From the affectionate way you speak to your spouse,

the problem solving you do at work,

the expectations you bring to the family holiday,

your friend’s birthday present,

to the way that you cook;

what begins in your imagination is in the very next moment a reality! That makes you not only creative, but original. And if we follow that along, so it is that with every choice we are each uniquely involved in the ongoing creation of the world around us. So then, what's your next move?


Perhaps here you are, creating a brilliant business with people in mind. You’re passionate about your vision and your offering, and soon enough it’ll be time to materialise that into something tangible; something visual.

Now you’re thinking about your brand. And that’s something I can help with.

Let’s look at your logo for a minute, the chief component of a visual brand.

Your logo should be as recognisable to your customers as your voice is to those who know you well. It is your first impression, and the impression you leave behind when you’re out of the room.

Now think of your brand as a dear friend: she has a tone of voice unique to her - this is your overall brand identity; she also has a face that you recognise which conjures up myriads of memories, associations, emotions - and that’s your logo.

When you introduce your dear friend to people of influence, you naturally do it in a way that helps them see in her all the wonderful things that you see all the time. Chances are, that would be harder to do if she turned up looking somewhat disheveled and confused. She’s the same great person, of course, but that hasn’t come across at the first impression.

Now, if a business doesn’t look like they care about how they present themselves to their customers, many people would simply look elsewhere. Your visual identity helps your prospective customers realise the value of your product so they’re confident paying for it. It must inspire loyalty, spark curiosity and be memorable.

At the end of the day, of course, people will ultimately assess you on the strength of your product -- that’s what will give your brand real weight and meaning. But then that part’s up to you.

My passion is to invest my time capturing your ideas and bringing them to life in bespoke logo and branding design. I also specialise in custom wedding stationery, illustration, modern calligraphy and private commissions, because I love working closely with small brands and individuals to produce a beautifully tailored and authentic representation of your vision.

From a growing business to a thoughtful gift, I can provide you with hand crafted design that speaks of excellence, longevity and truthfulness; design that will ultimately see you, your relationships and your business, thrive.

I'm excited that you've found my little slice of the internet. Take some time to have a look around and explore some of my previous work and, if you like what you see, let's have a conversation!